Good & Welfare

Updated 10/14/17


Clarence Galleher
Cliff Sharp
Bill Russell
Bill Fitzpatrick
Nolan Coey
Don Wilson
John Carter
Larry Hilbert
Bob Berkemer
Rich Neimann
Dan Parker
Lauren Smith
Paul Wright


 Art Rankin
Westminster Thurber
717 Neil Ave
Columbus Ohio 43215
Tony Ingram
Wexner Jewish Center Morgan Hall RM 86
Charles Lofton
Winchester Nursing Center
36 Lehman Dr
Canal Winchester
Geri Pennell
Green Hills Community
6557 US 68 South
West Liberty, OH  43357
Norris Ijams
6401 Winchester Blvd. Rm 106 
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Ray Harrow
3570 Heritage Club Dr. Rm 614
Hilliard, OH  43026
Leo Shedlock
1425 Yorkland Rd  Rm N16
Columbus, OH 43232






PT’d To 5 Unit   the “Last Alarm”

Frank Merz Retired Capt CFD 1-17-2017
Kevin R. Bahl Retired FF CFD 1-20-2017
Ronald W. Allen Retired Chief CFD 1-22-2017
Roy A. McClure Retired FF Perry Twp 1-24-2017
Ralph E. Dowler Retired Lt UAFD 2-19-2017
Ray F. Scott Retired FF CFD 3-5-2017
Theodore (Ted) Porter Retired Chief CFD 3-22-2017
Wayne D. Daniels Retired FF CFD 4-3-2017
Harold V. Hart Retired FF CFD 3-23-2017
Delbert W. Cook Jr. Retired Chief Jet Twp 4-3-2017
Brian Eric Evans Retired FF CFD 4-2-17
Robert D. Jackson Retired Bn Chief CFD 5/24/17
Edward H. Price Retired FF CFD 6/3/2017
Edwin W. Shellhamer CFD 6/6/2017
James P. Getreu Retired Capt. CFD 6/9/2017
Mike W. Uhl Retired Lt CFD 6/23/17
Vincent J. Bruzzese, FF CFD 7/4/2017
William A. Hennosy Retired Capt. CFD 8/8/2017
John McFadden III Retired FF CFD 8/11/2017
Kurt F. Grashel Retired FF CFD 8/18/2017
William W. Thompson Retired Lt CFD 9/11/2017
Larry Schrader 9/12/2017
Lemuel L.Ferguson Retired FF CFD 9/25/2017
Glenn R. Johnston Retired FF CFD 10/04/2017







 Sherman, Norma Jean Bisutti – wife of John Sherman
 Ramsey, Shirley Ann Williams – wife of Charles Ramsey
 Lamb, Jacqueline Ann – wife of Tim Lamb
 Harris, Brenda – wife of Mark Harris
 Cosner, Nancy K.  – Wife of Bob Cosner
Hastings, Beverly – Wife of Jim Hastings
Runkle, Terri R. – Wife of Victor Runkle






Gerstner,  Marguerite Ann – wife of Frank Gerstner
Nirote, Rose Eloise – wife of Ronald (Wilfred) Nirote
Getreu, Mary L. – wife of James Getreu
Shields, Eloise – wife of Bill (Marty) Shields
Cronin, Barbara – wife of Paul Cronin
Pfeifer, Kathleen A. – wife of Larry Pfeifer
Lieb, Rose Ann – wife of Joe Lieb






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