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4 Unit Snow Emergency Policy

4 Unit has established a policy for days that the City of Columbus has imposed a level 2 or above snow emergency. If a 4 Unit meeting falls on that day the meeting will be postponed or cancelled for that month. Business will resume as usual the next month.



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Larry Baker Chaplain, Bill Balthaser V. President, Gary Church President, Bill Hanf Trustee, Albert Allen Trustee, Mike Peery Sgt. at Arms
Committee Chairs


Seated L-R  Cecil Goodrich – FD News,  Gary Siniff – Benefits, Bill Wells – Picnic

Standing John Simkins and Albert Allen – Website.


__________________________________________________________________President’s ReportJanuary 14, 2018Greetings,Well healthcare is on everyone’s mind so I will get right to it. A meeting was held at the Pension Board in November and Aon was chosen as the company that will move us into the new exchange. This is slated to begin January 2019. Rich Luzader and I along with several people from Aon attended the meeting on December 12, 2017. Not much was discussed about the nuts and bolts of the new system. Bill Deighton did bring up the fact that there would be an increase to Medicare Part B. for 2018. Bill did not want the members to have an out of pocket increase so after much discussion the board approved raising the Part B. reimbursement from $104.90 to $107.00 for 2018. I had not heard much talk about the $3000.00 tax deduction for healthcare. So I did ask the board point blank, and they stated that they were trying to keep it.With this new exchange we will need to educate ourselves. Ask questions and make sure that you get signed up with the right exchange. Remember once you pick an exchange you will be in that exchange for a year. Choose wisely!! Those of us that use numerous prescriptions will have the possibility of falling into the doughnut hole. Be aware of this when choosing as some exchanges are supposed to have plans to help those members. Want to find out more about your healthcare please attend the meetings at the pension board. The times are available on their website.It was reported by a few of our members that they were having trouble with Optum prescriptions. That when they tried to reorder all of their information had been deleted and they had to start all over again. I contacted the pension board about this and they had not received any other complaints. Please let me know if you are having trouble with Optum.Several years ago 4 Unit started to get more involved in the Firefighters for Kids program. We have tried to donate money as a group, and I am proud of our members. This year I learned that many of our 4 Unit members were doing the lion share of the work at the warehouse. I contacted Local President Dave Montgomery to see if he could drum up some help from the active guys. I want to thank Dave for putting out an update seeking help. I also want to thank some of our guys that helped out this year and some have been doing this for 20 to 30 years or more.( I know I forgot a few) “ Continuing to Serve” Mike Mullins, Dale Miller, Howard White, Bill Balthaser, Gary Wells, Jim Evans, John Helsel, and Rich Neimann, keeping active in our community. Please get involved next year if you can.

Several of our members have also shared the fact that they are dealing with some cancer issues. With the new changes in the presumptive laws by the state of Ohio. We know in fact that our members have a chance to for some help. At our January meeting it was reported several active members have been helped by Karen Turano, she is a Lawyer and works with BWC/Cancer issues. A motion was made and approved to have her attend the February meeting to discuss the new law and changes. She has agreed to attend and give a brief outline and let questions guide the conversation. I have been informed by FF Mark Rine and Mrs. Turano that there is too much paperwork for anyone to try to complete by themselves.

We are trying to form a Healthcare Committee to attend the Pension Board meetings, gather information and report to our members. Anyone interested please contact a 4 Unit Executive Board member.

Our beloved Chaplin made a statement at our last meeting, “My busiest day is the day following our monthly meeting” It is then that he has to attend to all our members that fell thru the cracks. We have a pretty good line of communication, but we can do better. If you know of someone who is ill, in the hospital or getting rehab in a facility. Please let someone know, Please call Larry or a 4 Unit Officer and we will make sure Larry gets the information.

Lastly, Mike Trucco gave a report on the final cost to restore the Heart Mobile. He also gave the names of the corporate sponsors who helped with the project. The front doors of the museum have been replaced. They are always looking for help especially on Saturday. The museum is also now open for events. It is a great facility with over 6000 visitors last year. Please support our museum.


Gary A. Church.

4 Unit President.






Charlie Burkhart and Jerry Mason receive plaques for their service to 4 Unit Retired Firefighters.







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