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Next 4 Unit meeting dates


March 2, 2016 – VFW
April 6, 2016 – VFW
May 4, 2016 – Local 67
une, 1 2016 – VFW
July 6, 2016 – VFW


Please contact any 4 Unit officer or committee chairman at –
4unit@centohretfirefighters.com with comments, questions,
news items or events of interest to the  4 Unit membership.
4 Unit dues are due each year by January 1st. You can mail
your dues to Treasurer Jerry Mason at the address listed on
the membership/renewal enrollment form here:
2015 4 Unit Application for Membership


Current Officers:

President: Gary Church
Vice President: William Balthaser
Secy/Treasurer: Jerry Mason(*WE NEED HELP FOR THIS POSITION)
Recording Secy: Darylee Foertsch
Sgt. At Arms: Mike Peery


Albert Allen
Carl Lawhorn
Bill Hanf


Larry Baker

 4 Unit Logo designed:

Bill Carl


Executive Board


Rear Row L-R  Gary Church – President , Carl Lawhorn – Trustee, Bill Hanf – Trustee
Front Row L-R  Albert Allen – Trustee,  Mike Peery – Sgt at Arms, Charlie Burkhart – V. President
Committee Chairs


Seated L-R  Cecil Goodrich – FD News,  Gary Siniff – Benefits, Bill Wells – Picnic

Standing John Simkins and Albert Allen – Website.



Presidents Report

Happy New Year.

I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous new year. With the upcoming elections it seems like most of the politicians are too busy trying to get reelected. So I think we are off the radar for a little while.

It was reported to me that one of our members was at a hearing for their disability, and a person from the city had a copy of our newsletter and tried to use some of the information contained within against him. They skewed this information to represent the disability information was just about disabled firefighters in central Ohio, when in fact these numbers were for the whole state. Knowing this, we need to be guarded in who sees, and where our newsletters end up. Please keep this information as confidential as possible.

One of our members who works at the Firefighters for Kids brought to our attention the fact that they had a problem obtaining toys for a certain group of kids. I think that we as a group could help out next year with the shortage. We could start in October, they have much better buying power than we do. So a monetary donation is much better than a toy donation. More bang for your buck (no pun intended) and your donation would be a tax deduction for you.

I am still planning on having our April meeting, to include a trip to Motts Military Museum. Still working on the logistics of a meeting place, to include lunch and then the museum. Not as easy as I thought it would be. But worst case we will have the meeting at the VFW and then travel to the museum. Ron Casto told me they would clean and tidy up for us so we could get on the road.

We are currently collecting dues for 2016. If you have not paid your dues, please remit them as soon as possible. You could also plan on attending the next monthly meeting and pay them at the door. I am sure some of you friends miss seeing you. Please pay you PFRO dues thru us. It makes everything much easier for us, we will then forward them to the PFRO.

Rosters are also available, but be aware that we only update them every two years. The rosters we have on hand are for 2014-2015. We will soon start working on the new rosters. They will be ready by the end of August and in time for the annual picnic as usual. All information that we use comes from your application form. So be sure that is correct when filling it out. Some of our members change their phone numbers and email addresses or move from time to time. If you have a change please let us know so we can update our records and keep this information current for the rosters. We try very hard to make sure the rosters are as correct as possible.

I am also looking for a member to take the position of Treasurer, this is a key position for our organization. Jerry Mason who is now living in Florida needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Jerry has done an outstanding job for us for many years. He has asked to be replaced, doing business long distance has been a challenge, and we do the best we can. We need a member to take on this position as soon as possible. Jerry will help get them started and assist them until they get up and running. Thank You.


Gary A. Church

4 Unit President.



Charlie Burkhart and Jerry Mason receive plaques for their service to 4 Unit Retired Firefighters.







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