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Seated L-R  Cecil Goodrich – FD News,  Gary Siniff – Benefits, Bill Wells – Picnic

Standing John Simkins and Albert Allen – Website.


                                                   Presidents Report 


  At our November meeting our Chaplain Larry Baker gave our annual All Saints Day Service. Every year in November we honor all of our 4 Unit members who have passed on to 5 Unit. This year from November 1, 2016 till November 1, 2017 we have lost 30 members. Their names were read and a fire bell was sounded.

  With the Christmas approaching I am pleased to announce that 4 Unit has continued to support the Firefighters for Kids program. With a contribution of $350.00 which was approved by the members present at the November meeting.

  At the October 15, meeting of the PFRO, held at the Police Academy. Paul Hillenbrand was elected as the second Vice President, to replace Gary Siniff. Paul and Gary have worked closely for many years, especially on healthcare issues. Good luck to Paul during these difficult times. Also discussed at the PFRO meeting was the decision of the Pension Board to go paperless. Which would mean that if you don’t have a way for direct deposit you would not receive a retirement check.

   On November 15, the Pension Board held a meeting to select a vendor to manage the healthcare exchange. These exchanges are not connected in any way to the exchanges in the Affordable Healthcare Act. At the meeting the board announced which company was selected without much discussion as to how or why. It was not until they took a break that I could find someone to talk with and ask some questions. The decision was supposed to be made last month, which was delayed to have more discussion as to what to do with the pre 65 members. To keep them in the self-insured program like we have now or to move them into the exchange with the 65 and older members. There were three companies that gave presentations to the board back in September, they were United Healthcare, Conduent and Aon. When I ask Bill Deighton how the decision was made he said that it was the Boards desire to move all of the members smoothly into the exchange. United Healthcare did not want to do that and wanted the pre 65 members to stay self- insured. Conduent did not currently have the people in place to manage a smooth transition without hiring additional people. Which would mean we could have problems with a transition into the exchange because of newly hired personnel. Something the Pension Board would like to avoid. Which left Aon, which is supposed to have the staff and know how to move us in to the new program. They just moved over 200,000 AT&T employees into the exchanges. Only time will tell how this will all play out. I would like to thank the following members that attended the Healthcare meeting with me, Rich Luzader, Gary Wells and Bob Hinebaugh. As you know with the current insurance they have the ability to move the medications from one tier to another. If one of your medications is changed from one tier to another you should receive a letter within 30 days making you aware of the change. It was brought up at the meeting that as a generic drug is first brought into the market it can sometimes cost more than the name brand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as you shop around for prescriptions. We as a group are doing very well at trying to keep costs down. Wishing you all a Merry Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!




            Gary Church.       4 Unit      President.






Charlie Burkhart and Jerry Mason receive plaques for their service to 4 Unit Retired Firefighters.







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